Awesome shot! I was in rosebud a few weeks ago

Yeh its awesome down there, Im always going down there one of my fave places! Thanks for the support about my brother too! much appreciated!

Its been a little over a month since I lost my brother and the more life goes on the harder the future feels for me. I played a big part in raising my brother and to loose him makes me wonder how I can ever parent a raise and love a kid again because of how broken this is making me.

I can’t imagine having kids and them not knowing their uncle Brendan.

I don’t know how to handle his 21st Birthday….Christmas…My birthday without his happy birthday message,

Its getting harder to feel happy, just feel so empty all the time, and while everyone else is moving on with life im not!

Hello Old Friend!

I don’t often use tumblr these days but then when I feel lost here it is.

I’m married now to the woman I love, and who loves me so I should be happy right? And I’m not saying I’m unhappy it’s just not as easy as one might think.

The issue with me and my wife has always been the same as much as we care for each other our opposite personalities and interests clash and it can be hard to find a mutual ground.
When we don’t find a mutual ground we argue and things become colder than the South Pole, and when that happens I feel alone.

I’ve always had close friends who I go to, but since I cleared out the backstabbing, deadweight people in my life there isn’t a lot of genuine good people left which doesn’t help when I feel alone.

And I try to make things better in my relationship, dates and presents and little things like that but none of it feels appreciated, which I know doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not but I need something back to make me feel like it is! I need gratification and I need love!

I’m hanging with my mates Tuesday maybe this will help my loneliness feelings, just need something to make me feel good again!