So here I am at a point I didn’t think i would find myself in, that my marriage is falling apart and could be over, and I was literally oblivious to this fact.

Her reasons stem from me going to the gym early in the morning and consequently me going to bed early and not spending time with her, to my anger issues (which i have worked on but apparently the damage is done) to me talking to people and ignoring her (which i admit i do tend to spend too much time on Facebook and have deleted it off my phone to fix this issue). She also wants to go overseas and I don’t and I could go on for days about our different interests (But I never saw that as a issue).

To me she is the girl I love, and I’ve stopped being friends with a lot of people (girls) because of her insecurities about it. 

But then she started logging out of Facebook on our computer that I got suspicious and then I borrowed her phone when mine died and was going through her Facebook (something that we have both always done), and I notice A LOT of flirting messages to a guy she works with about going out and getting waisted together. But believing that I was imagining it I let it go.

But then this looming breakup comes up and it just makes everything look more suspicious. When I bring up the topic she shrugs it off, tells me Im being stupid and its nothing that they are just friends…and i mention the messages all the sudden Im the bad person for doing something thats never been an issue, and further to test things this morning her Passcode on her phone (the same as mine) has been changed.

Im trying so hard I love her but all this uncertainty and stuff is making me worry that Im waisting my time even trying, and I feel like she is just staying with me because its her only choice not because she wants to.

It’s the hardest thing watching a mate go through a hard time in their life and not being able to fix it all for them!